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Issue 172Issue 172
This issue is packed with so many irresistible stitching projects it is difficult to know where to start. The Intricate Geometry cushion cover looks as if it is glowing and has so many aspects to recommend it. The clever background shading, the interlacing lines of unworked fabric and the vibrant colours that give it a stained window effect. The enigmatic landscape of Romney Marsh is captured perfectly with this cross stitch view dotted with sheep and the wonderful reflections on water. The Masterclass this month will have you all reaching for your needles to try this type of surface stitchery that can also be worked on a drawn thread framework that has a delicate filigree effect. Try your hand too at Crewelwork with our Jacobean Paisley motif that is worked in traditional style with a contemporary twist. There is a celebration of summer in Hardanger with a strawberry sampler panel. In cross stitch we also have a shimmering seahorse amongst the coral, a trio of charming cottages and a watchful tawny owl.

Feature Designs

Cross stitchIntricate Geometry
This mesemerizing cushion is inspired by the interlacing and geometric patterns typically found in Islamic art. The principal lines of the design weave over each other and are blank areas of fabric that make the stitches really stand out. The subtle shading of the blue background also highlights the intricacies of this captivating embroidery that will bring a bright and bold look to your home.

Cross StitchMarsh View
Romney Marsh is a remote area in Kent that spans a hundred square miles., renowned for its desolate beauty. Dotted with villages and windswept farms it is completely man-made having been reclaimed from the sea. Flocks of hardy Romney sheep graze the marshes and have survived for centuries thanks to their dense fleeces and their hooves resilient to soggy ground. Stitch a view of this magical and eerie landscape complete with its most famous residents.

Cross stitchCharming Cottages
These charming cottages are fabulous little projects that can be stitched in their own right or as a set. You can stitch them as cards to send extra special wishes or use the cards as mounts to make postcard sized pictures. Whether seadide, riveerside or vilage high street, the scenes are full of detail despite their diminutive size.

HardangerSummer Sampler
Celebrate summer in stitches with the first in our collection of seasonal samplers. Inspired by that quintessential ingredient for the perfect summer., the embroidery includes a border of strawberries. With its combination of Hardanger and counted stitches, this pretty design is an engaging project to complete over the coming months.

Ghost stitch
Ghost Story
known as Ghost stitch, Loop stitch and Point d'Esprit, there is a pretty filling that can be used on openwork, netting or on the surface of a fabric. We seldom know who named a stitch and I do wonder why this got its ghostly connections: perhaps because it can appear lightly in the air, wafting its way across the fabric or space.

Cross StitchTawny Owl
The tawny owl is the UK and Europe's most common owl and it is the tawny that makesthe characteristic 'twit-twoo' call. This sound is not made by one bird but two as one answers the other. Tawny owls have a distinctive mottled plumage and a round full face that sets off their dark, deep-set eyes. If you often hear their familiar calls in the dead of night you know you have a pair in the vicinity, so why not stitch this charming picture in honour of your feathered neighbours.

CrewelworkJacobean Paisley
Enjoy a contemporary design in an historic technique with this paisley motif. It features amny stitches typical of Jacobean embroidery, otherwise known as Crewelwork, with padded and raised Satin Stitch, French knots and Lazy daisy stitch. It is the perfect size for a beginner's piece, being ideal for getting a feel not only for the technique, but for the thicker fabric and coarser thread that is typically used. Crewelwork converts will aslo enjoy this design too as a fulfilling diversion from larger projects or other techniques.

Cross stitchSparkling Seahorse
This glistening seahorse gently sparklesamongst the colourful coral giving the design a real sense of depth. This dimensional effect is heightened by the use of a circular frame that makes it feel as if you are through a porthole at this rare and beautiful fish. The seahorse is the perfect choice for a bathroom or anywhere in the house that has a beach or nautical theme.



Issue 172